About The Journal

Macedonian Journal of Anaesthesia (MJA) is a scientific journal of the Macedonian Society of Anaesthesia (MSA) and Macedonian Society of Doctors for Critical Care (MSDCC). The aim of this specialized medical journal is to speed and promote scientific achievements, novelties’, clinical experience’s, reviews, controversial topics in anesthesia, reanimation and intensive care.

The Journal is published twice a year (April and November), but additional supplements might be published when needed. MJA publishes original (professional and scientific) articles, review articles, case reports, therapeutic and technological innovation, discussions, critics, impressions from meetings, information for international conferences and reviews of new books or variate.

Manuscripts that are published should have not been published previously. Manuscripts that have been previously published only in form of abstracts are eligible for publishing in the journal but should be followed by additional letter send to the Editor, where the abstract details are noted (abstract number, which book of proceeding or doi, date and place).

The authors are responsible for respecting the ethical guidelines for medical researches, as well as for all that is explained, attitudes, analyses and shown results.

The redaction sends the manuscripts to anonymous reviewing process from international or domestic reviewers and the Editors determine the definitive categorization of the manuscript. Once reviewed manuscript together with the reviewers’ remarks is send back to the corresponding author, after what the author is omitted to deliver the final form of the manuscript to the Editorial board within one week.

Editorial board has the right to publish the manuscripts according to the reviewer’s priority. The order in which the manuscripts are published does not reflect the scientific value of the article.  The Editorial board keeps the rights to make changes to the manuscript to fulfil the criteria.